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The NDIS gives you flexibility and control over the kind of assistance you receive and the people who offer it. You will be eligible to get financing for taxi services through the NDIS if your disability prohibits you from utilising public transit without significant difficulty.

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NDIS Registered Taxi Service

By choosing Airport taxi booking Melbourne as your NDIS taxi provider, you can be confident that you will have access to trustworthy transportation. How many different modes of transport you have will depend on the terms of your NDIS plan.

Whether you are employed, looking for work, enrolled in school, or attending day programs is considered for each level of support. Airport taxi booking Melbourne will give you a service agreement, and they will ensure you understand it before signing. Directly working with participants, plan nominees, and plan management providers are all possibilities for us.

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People with disabilities can live hassle-free daily lives with the help of our NDIS Scheme. This is our primary goal as an NDIS transportation provider, like better care services. Give participants the affordable, necessary support they need to accomplish their goals and travel to their destination.

For instance, our Airport taxi booking in Melbourne provides transportation that enables participation in daily, social, and economic activities and events held in the community. Here are a handful of the local and 24/7 transportation services we provide.

There is an escort available for individuals who cannot travel alone.

For medical consultations

NDIS transport for offices and events

What Makes Us Unique In The NDIS Taxi Service

NDIS Transport Services Provider

Airport taxi booking Melbourne has assisted and served those with injuries for over a century. Offering transportation services to community people who are eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme is something we are proud of. The NDIS provides all Australians under the years of 65 with a persistent and significant impairment the support they need to lead happy lives.

Our NDIS transport services provider is aware that having access to transportation is essential for a person with a handicap to participate socially and economically in society. As an NDIS transport provider, we drive qualified clients to appointments, school, their place of employment, and other locations.

Our drivers undergo a thorough training program to ensure they have the skills to provide dependable and safe NDIS transportation for individuals with disabilities. To ensure that drivers uphold the NDIS customer service standards, we ask all passengers to rate the driver. Safety cameras are also put in every vehicle to give passengers and carers peace of mind.

Why Choose Us For NDIS Registered Taxi Service?

We are an excellent Family-owned enterprise offering urban standards and rural service. We take pride in our favour, attending to your needs, serving you, and exceeding your expectations, whether a simple planned trip or a last-minute reservation. Using Airport taxi booking, Melbourne Cabs is affordable, secure, and safe.

The Airport taxi booking Melbourne team has years of experience working in the taxi business and continues to be Melbourne Taxis top choice.

You can reserve a taxi online at any time by using this website. Knowing that our dispatchers are accessible around-the-clock to ensure that your taxi booking is fulfilled as requested gives you peace of mind. Here are a few points why you want us:

  • Drivers are knowledgeable and professional:

To provide accessible transportation for all people with impairments, our taxi drivers and personnel have undertaken extensive training and obtained licences. We have a selection of vehicles that can accommodate wheelchairs, which might make your journey more comfortable. Choose our Airport taxi booking Melbourne provider for 100% guaranteed transportation.

  • Dedicated vehicles:

Due to your disability, NDIS may be able to help you if you require a customised or adapted vehicle. Make sure to include a request for funding for transportation assistance in your NDIS plan during the planning meeting. Be sure to emphasise how your impairment affects your ability to travel when stating your requirement.

  • Excellent transport services:

Get top-notch transportation from Melbourne’s NDIS transport companies. Members of the NDIS have access to a variety of transportation options. You can travel wherever you want using your NDIS transportation funds.

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Why are we unique? Our Airport taxi booking in Melbourne has excellent values. We welcome drivers from all racial, geographic, and educational backgrounds. Treating our drivers like family sets us apart from rival companies.

Be a part of the best taxi service network by signing up with Airport taxi booking Melbourne. With the help of administrators and technicians, we provide you with everything you require for your business to succeed.

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We are a leading taxi company with more cabs in your neighbourhood to get you there day or night. We are open 24/7. Call or email us to receive the best for your journey.

Participants may request Airport taxi booking in Melbourne for a private, permanent driver. If you recently had a driver who you want to become your private driver, kindly contact us by phone or email and let us know.

Yes, vouchers may be issued. Service bookings must be set up for the number of purchased vouchers for NDIA-managed participants. Participants in plan & self-managed must pay an invoice before receiving vouchers.

Complete our form to open an Airport taxi booking Melbourne travel account. When you submit the inquiry, we will send you the necessary documents to get things started. The service agreement will then be delivered to you by a member of our friendly staff. Contact or email us if you have any further questions.

Our knowledgeable crew is conscious of the necessity of having access to dependable, secure transportation for maintaining freedom. This may involve transportation to work, school, study, social events, or professional appointments.